Benaisha Kharas

Benaisha Kharas (Pronounced as Bin- nai-sha Kha-raas) is an Appearance to Attitude Enhancer since 2012. She is passionate about infusing self-love and self-care in her clients so that they can develop a powerful, influential, and charismatic personality.

She is India's First Youngest Internationally Certified Image Consultant and a three-time winner of the Global Excellence Leadership award by Image Management Professionals Association.

She has inspired and trained more than 7000 people to be Style, Image, and Fashion Conscious.  In addition, she has influenced people to shift their focus to mindful living and the importance of mental health via her TEDx talk as well as being a keynote speaker.

Benaisha has provided personal consulting to more than 500 HNI clients across India, the United States, and the UAE. She conducts personalized Coaching Programs and Training Workshops to help people get knowledgeable about the right appearance and attitude to harness emotional well-being with an inside-outside approach.


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