Emma Willmann

Emma is a self proclaimed Image Advocate and Style Coach. She has taken her experience as a Criminal Prosecutor, Image & Colour Consultant and Life Coach and carved out a niche in Style Empowerment. Her unique approach has helped thousands of women experience the freedom of not only looking good but feeling better. Dealing with every aspect of identity, image and style, from challenging body image, to redefining how women engage with appearance, confidence and self-worth, she equips women to live intentionally, enjoy healthy relationships, career success and holistic wellbeing. She coaches clients 1:1 on both mindset and image, she runs small group online programs including the Signature Style Program and The Art of Self-Styling and she continues to educate within her industry to equip other image professional in her webinar Style as a tool of Empowerment with additional tools to serve their clients and achieve more wholistic, lasting transformations.

Emma is an internationally certified Image Consultant and sits on the Australian board of the Association of Image Consultants (AICI) and teaches internationally on image, style and colour. She is also building a legacy in the next generation by speaking and conducting workshops with primary school students with an aim to create healthy self esteem and styling awareness. Finally, she is involved in the sustainable fashion/style movement and is called on for community education and engagement on topics including minimalism, capsule wardrobe building and styling vintage and pre-loved clothing.


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