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Wednesday, Feb 3rd

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Wednesday, Jan 27th


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Online Show Title:Mastering Your Leadership
Online Show Tagline:Optimize Your Unique Appearance and Professionalism to Lead an Extraordinary Career
Host Name:Elsa Boutaric
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Online Show Launch Date:February 3, 2021
Promotion Period Start Date:January 27, 2021
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Hello [NAME],

I am so excited to announce that I am a guest speaker for a 100% FREE NEW online series on personal image and branding, starting February 3rd, 2021 called:

Mastering Your Leadership: 

Optimize your unique appearance and professionalism to lead an extraordinary career!

Are you a professional or individual who knows that it’s time to change your image, but you simply don’t know where to start?

Do you struggle to express yourself to your full potential?

Do you have amazing skills, but you just don’t know how to dress the part?

Do you wish you could be more confident, make more money, and have an incredible relationship with yourself and others?

If you said “YES”,  join me for this new series hosted by renowned image expert and consultant, Elsa Boutaric! You’ll learn how to leverage personal image and branding to create a lasting impression in business and your personal life.


CLAIM MY 100% FREE TICKET <- link to

The truth is…

...regardless if you’re online or in-person, in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone for the first time, they form their opinion of you! In fact, when people buy a product, they’re buying the brand!

This means that your confidence, your money, your relationships, and your life are all impacted by your image! 

In this series, you’ll get access to 19 expert training sessions in the field of image consulting, personal branding, personal styling, business etiquette, and more!

You’ll get the exact tools and insights to help you translate your unique personality and essence into style, and transform your life!

Here’s what else you can expect from this life-changing series:

  • Learn why your image, personal branding and business etiquette is important and how it can transform your life!
  • Create a versatile and capsule wardrobe strategy to fit your lifestyle, save time, money, and eliminate stress!
  • Learn how to use clothes, colors, make-up, and accessories to transform insecurity into confidence!
  • How to discover and design a unique image that works for you, your personality, your body, your lifestyle, and your brand.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty about spending money on clothes, creating clutter in your closet, and hiding behind a mismatched personal image.

This series is going to show you exactly how your unique personal image and brand will help you make more money, improve your relationships, feel lighter, empowered, happy and confident!

So, [NAME], are you ready to surrender to the process of transformation and get your power back?

YES, I'M READY!   <- link to

See you soon!


P.S. You won’t want to miss these sessions! Each of our experts will be giving you FREE gifts and bonuses to make sure that you are 100% supported, equipped, and ready to transform your personal image and brand through style!

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Subject: RSVP your seat, and join me on this free summit 

I am here to share fantastic news! I am going to be interviewed. 

As part of the "mastering your leadership summit," I get a chance to share my expertise about how investing in your personal image, style and brand can uplevel your confidence and help you in leading a successful personal life and career. The event is FREE! You can RSVP your seat here

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Now it’s time for your image and style to meet the value of your personal brand. Join me on this summit, “MASTERING YOUR LEADERSHIP,” and learn the KEYS to make your personal image and style visible and the secret for building your personal brand. Here is the to RSVP to your FREE seat. 

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Your Image says a lot about you. Someone will make an opinion of you without you needing to speak. Join me on this summit MASTERING YOUR LEADERSHIP, where I will be along with other amazing speakers and experts sharing tips and expertise on how to start building your personal Image, style, and brand. Here is the to RSVP to your FREE seat.

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Imagine what your life looks like when you start feeling confident about your image and start living a life of impact and purpose.…click here to find out more

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